Kanye West to press charge against trespassing paparazzi

Los Angeles: Rapper Kanye West is reportedly planning to press charge against a paparazzo, who showed up at his house early morning and asked about his feud with talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

West`s latest paparazzi altercation took place in front of his house at around 4 am. As the 36-year-old singer stepped out and was about to leave, a group of photographers approached him and repeatedly asked about his Twitter rant against the late-night talk show host, reported TMZ online.

The father of one apparently got really upset and told the group to "shut up."

"Don`t say anything to me man. You`re out in front of my house at 4 am asking, `How`s it going?` It`s not going good. You`re out here trying to make money... You know I don`t want you to say nothing to me... Respect that (sic)," West was heard saying in a video.

West also tried to knock the camera out of the photographer`s hand.

The Grammy-winning rapper is now going to file a police report following the incident, citing that the paparazzi trespassed on his property.

West previously lashed out against Kimmel, after he made a parody of his interview with BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe, on an episode of `Jimmy Kimmel Live`.

West wrote on Twitter, "Jimmy Kimmel is out of line to try and spoof in any way the first piece of honest media in years."

Kimmel responded to West`s Twitter rant on his show, saying, "I don`t understand it. I don`t know why he`s angry again. The bit was pretty, I thought, innocuous, but finally I am in a rap feud."

Kimmel also revealed that West demanded a public apology.


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