Kardashian family travel under names ‘Snow White’, ‘Ava Tar’?

New York: The Kardashian family reportedly travels under amusing aliases like ‘Ava Tar’, ‘Snow White’ and ‘Joe Dash’.

The sisters - Kim, Khloe and Kourtney and their mother Kris Jenner find it funny to create false names for travel, a leading daily has reported.

Kim`s alias is ‘Ava Tar’, possibly after the blockbuster 2009 film `Avatar`, Khloe travels under the alias of ‘Joe Dash’, which is perhaps a combination of the first name of husband Lamar Odom`s father Joe Odom, and their Miami and NYC clothing store Dash.

Meanwhile, Kourtney travels under the name ‘Betty White’, and mother Kris is ‘Snow White’.

"These are the Kardashians` names for hotels, car services, etc. I am sure this is what they will be checking in as if they come to New York for Fashion Week," a source told a leading daily.