Kate gets ‘counseling’ to avoid Princess Diana’s fate

New York: Prince William is making sure that everything falls in place when he marries his fiancee Kate Middleton.

Middleton is wearing Princess Diana’s ring, but the Prince wants to make sure his new fiancee never suffers from the depression and isolation that affected his mother.

The newly-engaged Middleton is apparently in "counseling" sessions to help prepare her for life as a royal.

"Kate, as a new and vulnerable bride, is deemed to need a lot of help with that,” the New York Daily News quoted a source as telling a daily.

“The royals are desperate not to have another downward spiral of a marriage and they feel Kate has very vulnerable and soft spots. Apparently she was destroyed when William broke up with her (in 2007)."

Middleton’s "training sessions" reportedly include pointers on how to cope with playing second fiddle to a husband whose first priority is his country, not his family.

She is also getting lessons in royal etiquette so she can blend in
seamlessly with her new family.

William set up the counseling as part of a larger effort to help Middleton make a happy adjustment to royal life.

He wants to prevent his soon-to-be wife from ending up like Diana, who famously felt alone and unhappy shortly after her wedding.