Kate would make a great teacher, claims handwriting expert

London: After studying the Duchess of Cambridge’s handwriting, a leading graphologist has revealed that the future Queen “would make a great school teacher”.

Former chairman of the British Institute for Graphologist, Elaine Quigley studied a letter penned by Kate over a year before she became a member of the Royal Family in April.

She said the characteristics of Kate’s right-slanting cursive script, which reflects her pedantry for time keeping, intelligence and efficiency, are helpful in shedding light on her private persona and, in particular, her natural aptitude for academia.

“Looking at the letter, the endings of words are rather short, it shows her use of time is efficient. She doesn’t prolong something that can be dealt with promptly,” the Daily Mail quoted Quigley as saying.

“It is clear that she likes to move to the next thing without a lot of fuss or extended leave taking.

“She clearly believes time-keeping should be taken seriously and, as a bit of a perfectionist, she will prefer to be ready early rather than rushing at the last minute.

“Judging by the characteristics of her writing, Kate would make a great teacher, she has the ability to explain things clearly and sensibly,” she added.


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