Katherine Heigl`s `fight` with `Iron Man` director

Los Angeles: Actress Katherine Heigl and ‘Iron Man’ director Jon Favreau knocked off a glass while fighting over a bill here.

They were out for an official meeting at the Chateau Marmont here.

The former ‘Grey`s Anatomy’ actress and the director insisted on paying the bill following the meet, but in their eagerness to pay, accidentally knocked over a glass of water as they each attempted to grab the bill, reports a website.

"When the waiter brought the bill, Jon tried to grab it - but high handed Heigl ripped it right out of his paw and shouted `It`s on me`," a source told a leading daily.

"But Favreau wouldn`t hear of it. Snatching it back quickly, he recoiled in horror as Heigl, making a desperate dive for it, knocked over a glass of water," the source added.


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