Keira Knightley receives cooking lessons from mom

London: Actress Keira Knightley, who recently got engaged to musician James Righton, wants to improve her culinary skills, and she has turned to her mother for guidance.

"I`m an alright cook. Not brilliant, but alright. My mum`s a really good cook, but we had a really small kitchen, so she could never actually teach me any of the stuff that she made. But now she`s starting to," quoted Knightley as saying.

"I`ve gotten really good recipes, which are excellent. I`m good at, like, a one-pot dish. It`s the timing. I always walk away at a wrong point. And then everything burns! But stews and curries, I`m good at that," she added,

Knightley also revealed she doesn`t have many celebrity friends, whom she could call during a crisis.

Asked what famous people she would call if the world was coming to an end, she said: "I don`t have celebrity friends like that. I mean, I have ones that I`d kind of call up to say, `Hello, how are you? How is everything going?` But no, my friends aren`t actors."


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