Keira Knightley`s simple life

London: `Anna Karenina` star Keira Knightley leads a simple life and does not believe in spending too much money on herself.

The 28-year-old actress is known to have earned 1.5 million pounds through her films and commercial deals with fashion firms, reported Sun online.

"Keira took home 20,000 pounds in dividends from the company in 2012 and a salary of 11,000 pounds. Her biggest expenditure put through the books was 41,000 pounds on security but she spent little else," a source said.

"Her travel costs were just over 4,000 pounds and she didn`t pay for a personal trainer, despite spending almost 1,000 pounds on one the year before. The accounts also show that she did not shell out a penny on clothes and make-up," the source added.

She recently married Keyboard player James Righton. The couple had just 11 guests at the wedding and 50 at the reception. Keira even recycled her old designer dress as her wedding gown rather than spending money on a new one.