Keira Knightley takes guitar lessons from husband

London: Actress Keira Knightley says she tried to learn guitar from her musician husband James Righton for her new movie `Begin Again`.

Knightley, 29, said that it was a bad idea to let her musician husband James Righton to teach her the basics, reportedly.

"No, I nearly killed him. Don`t get your spouse to try to teach you a musical instrument. It`s just a terrible idea," she said
The 29-year-old actress claimed that she does not know anything about music and has to concentrate on songs to be interested in them.

"I never really listen to it music. If it`s on in a room, I can`t really hear it. I don`t have that sort of brain. And that`s another reason I was so interested in doing this film," Knightley said.