Kelsey Grammer keen to have more kids

London: Actor Kelsey Grammer is keen to expand his family even after becoming a father for the sixth time.

The 69-year-old actor`s young wife, Kayte, gave birth to the couple`s second child, Gabriel, on July 22, reportedly.

"I may want to have a bigger family. We talk about it. I love being a dad and I have for some time now. This is just the next chapter of that part of my life, and I`m ecstatic about it.

"The great thing about my life is I`m always prepared for surprises. I would never anticipate what it`s going to be like - easy, difficult or otherwise. I just take it in stride. We`re prepared! We`re just happy about our new arrival," he said.

Kelsey`s eldest daughter, 30-year-old actress Spencer Grammer, gave the actor his first grandchild two years ago, when she welcomed son Emmett.

"He`s a terrific kid. He was over the other day. My daughter Faith - his aunt - and my grandson were swimming together. They get along really well. So that`s been fun," Kelsey added.