Kerry Katona quits Facebook

London: Kerry Katona is shutting down her Facebook account because she reckons the page is being sabotaged by loonies who pose as her and then post crazy messages.

Mum-of-four Kerry announced this while on holiday in Marbella, Spain.

She said the Facebook account was "causing a lot of s**t".

"Hey guys just want to say ``im so sorry but I am gonna have to shut down this account," the Daily star quoted Katona as saying.

"There is a fake Kerry Katona who is stealing all my pics and selling em to the press ... whoever u are how f@@king dare u.

"Go and live ur own life and stop stealing," she added.

Katona`s spokeswoman said: "Kerry has had a lot of problems from her Facebook page. People have been setting up things that she knows nothing about."