Kevin Spacey scolds audience for ringing cell phone

PTI| Last Updated: Jun 07, 2014, 10:44 AM IST

London: Kevin Spacey scolded an audience member during the opening night of his one-man show `Clarence Darrow` when his ringing phone interrupted the actor`s monologue in a crucial scene.

The 54-year-old Oscar-winner was in the middle of the performance when the phone rang at London`s Old Vic theatre.

"If you don`t answer that, I will!" Spacey said while staying in character, reported a newspaper.

Spacey`s outburst was met with loud applause by the audience.

Spacey, who is wrapping up a 10-yeat stint as the Old Vic`s artistic director, however, is not the only celebrity performer to get annoyed with unruly audience members.

In April, Neil Patrick Harris stayed in character but scolded a female audience member when she yelled out "I love you, Neil" while he was performing the title role in Broadway`s `Hedwig and the Angry Inch`.
"Who`s Neil? I`m not Neil," he replied, adding, "I`m doing something up here," before finishing off the sentence with an expletive.

James McAvoy halted a performance of `Macbeth` in London`s West End last year when he spotted an audience member filming the show without permission.