Kids find collecting stamps ‘boring’

London: A new UK study has revealed that traditional hobbies like collecting stamps and marbles are dying out because modern kids think they are boring.

Today’s youngsters listed watching TV, playing computer games or going on Facebook as their interests.

They dismissed old favourites like train spotting, model making, jigsaw puzzles and collecting bottle tops as ‘for anoraks’.

A spokesman for the Army Cadets, who carried out a survey as part of the cadet movement’s 150th anniversary celebrations, said: "It would be a shame if simple pleasures became a thing of the past.”

"We have to accept hobbies evolve. But teenagers still search for fun and friends," a news daily quoted the spokesman as saying.

Researchers found only one per cent of teenagers now collects stickers, while a quarter did 40 years ago.

And although football and swimming are still popular, three in ten youngsters listed shopping as their hobby.