Kids post profiles of single parents on matrimonial sites

New Delhi: A study by a matrimonial site has revealed that a growing number of children are posting profiles of their single parents for re-marriage.

Matrimonial site said that nearly 50-60 lakh children, between the age group of 18-25, posted their parent`s profile on the website this year.

"It`s interesting to note that children are now convincing their parents for re-marriage so that they have a secure future. This shows that the relationship between the kids and the parents is becoming more open. Children are no longer averse to discussing sensitive issues such as their own parents` re-marriage," said`s business head Rohit Manghnani.

The details of the posted profiles show that most children are keen to get their single parents settled because they have seen them struggling all through their lives.

"My parents were separated when I was just five-year-old. I live with my mother and want her to be happy. I posted her profile on a matrimonial site in the hope of finding her a companion," Akshat Sharma, 21, told reporters.

Another youngster, who posted the profile of his father stated: "Since the demise of our mother about 24 yrs back, our dad has been our constant unconditional support. What we are today is all because of him. He had struggled a lot and now we wish that our father should enjoy the fruits of life."