Kimberley Walsh relaxed about delivery

London: Kimberley Walsh, who is expecting her first child with boyfriend Justin Scott, is feeling relaxed about giving birth.

The former Girls Aloud star is now in the seventh month of her pregnancy and has begun thinking about labour, but surprisingly she is not worried about the painful process, reportedly.

"I feel very relaxed about it all and I`m still undecided about doing a course of antenatal classes. I feel calm about the birth and imagine my instincts will just kick in. In those classes they go into so much detail that I think I might become more scared.

"Maybe I`m too relaxed about it all, but I saw my sister Sally give birth to her son Billy and that`s helped. Birth never ends up being the way you plan it, and my friends say when they were in pain the techniques they learnt went out the window anyway!," she said.

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