Kimberley Walsh says she is over her ‘bum obsession’

Washington: Kimberley Walsh admits she used to be concerned that her bottom was too large, but she has now come to accept her figure.

The 30-year -old beauty is best known as one fifth of Girls Aloud.

“One a day-to-day basis, I feel good in my clothes. No one is perfect, and you shouldn’t expect to be. If you worry too much about how you look, that’s unhealthy”, Contactmusic quoted her telling You Magazine.

“When I was younger I was obsessed about my big bum, but now I’ve accepted it’s part of who I am. I inherited a naturally small waist from my mother, which is a real blessing,” she added.

Despite her former concern, Walsh says she does not diet and instead does lots of exercise to keep her physique trim.

“I have dieted in the past, but now all the exercise I do keeps me in shape and I don’t worry about monitoring calories.

“I think dieting is very unhealthy, but if I didn’t exercise I would definitely put on lots of weight”, she added.