Knowing your ‘attachment type’ may make your relationship last longer

London: A new research has suggested that the longevity of a relationship is pre-determined by the type of attachment a couple shares.

You can find your perfect match and transform your relationship by identifying whether you are an ‘avoider’, ‘anxious’ or ‘secure’.

The science of attachment is based on the fact that we are all biologically programmed to find love. People in good relationships have been found to live longer and healthier lives.

But while we all have this need for attachment, the way we show it differs.

In the 1960s, tests found that babies were either ‘secure’, ‘anxious’ or ‘avoidant’. If a secure baby’s mother left the room he would start crying, but as soon as she returned he calmed down and started to play again.

Research has now shown that adults behave in almost a similar way to babies when it comes to romantic relationships, reports the Daily Mail.

By using attachment theory both your own behaviour and that of others no longer seems baffling and complex, but rather predictable. Understanding it will not only change the way you perceive new people you meet, but will also give you surprising insight into an existing partner.


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