Kris Jenner investigated by child protection officers

Los Angeles: Socialite Kim Kardashian`s mother Kris Jenner was subjected to a visit by child protection officers after a prank caller said her daughters were in danger.

The officials visited Kardashian`s home in Calabasas here as someone alleged her daughters -- Kylie, 15, and Kendall, 16 -- were in danger. In one of the calls, it was claimed Kendall was about to commit suicide by jumping off the Hollywood sign.

"What was so shocking to me and so wrong was when they did tell me what the accusations were," quoted Jenner as saying.

"One of them was I had beaten Kylie with a belt on a specific date and on that date she was actually in the Philippines, so somebody obviously hadn`t done their homework. The next accusation, which was hard for them to even say out loud because I think they felt embarrassed, was that this person was sure Kendall was going to jump off the Hollywood sign."

However, investigating officers found that nothing major was happening, and are now looking for the person who made the calls.


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