Kurt Cobain had `irritable bowel syndrome` before death

London: Kurt Cobain, who was found dead at his cabin by Lake Washington on April 5, 1994, from an apparent drug overdose, may have been driven to his death by crippling stomach pains caused by irritable bowel syndrome .

Many speculations have surrounded the iconic musician`s reason for committing suicide, and the latest one, based on a TV interview he gave a few months before his death, claims that the singer was tortured by stomach pains that doctors had failed to diagnose properly.

The 27-year-old Nirvana frontman had slammed doctors in the interview, saying that during six years of being in constant pain, they never figured out what the problem was.

Most gastro-intestinal doctors don`t know anything about stomach diseases, he had asserted.

They just have PhDs, get paid a lot of money for pretending and prescribing drugs, it`s a total scam, Cobain had said at the time.