Lab-grown diamond uses engaged couple`s hair!

New York: It is both eco-friendly and romantic. Diamond developed in the lab, with the hair of your beloved used as carbon source, may just be the right gem for the engagement ring you have been puzzled about.

The DNA2Diamond makes use of human hair as a carbon source to make a diamond in just 70 days, according to

It apparently does not have harmful impact on the environment the way mined diamonds do.

Diamond mines remove some 275 tons of ore in order to make a one-carat, gem-quality polished diamond.

"Laboratory grown diamonds do not come from a mine," the New York Daily News quoted DNA2Diamonds president Tom Bischoff, as saying.

He added: "That simple fact is of growing importance to more environmentally and socially aware brides making DNA2Diamonds the `green` bride`s choice."

These diamonds are available in variety of cuts and colours, including red, warm cognac and dazzling blue.

They vary in sizes ranging from 0.25 carats to 2.0 carats. Also, it costs much cheaper than a mined diamond.



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