Lady Gaga becomes 1st to cross 30 million followers on Twitter

London: Lady Gaga has set a new social media record by becoming the first person ever to notch more than 30 million followers on Twitter.

The 26-year-old singer’s nearest rival on the micro blogging site is Justin Bieber, who has 28.5 million followers, followed by Katy Perry with 27.2 million people following her, Sky News reported.

According to the Starcount website, the ‘Judas’ singer is adding 30,000 new followers everyday.

“Paving the way for other stars on social media, Lady Gaga often interacts with her fans and has even set up her own social network for the Little Monsters with thousands of regular users,” Starcount commented in a blog.

“But it is Twitter that has given her the incredible social popularity that she currently has,” the website said.

The site also noted that her social media takeover started two years back when she passed Ashton Kutcher, Barack Obama and Britney Spears.

“Since then, her domination on the network has gone unmatched - she was the first person to reach 10 million and 20 million followers and is keeping up the trend now with 30 million,” the website said.