Lady Gaga criticises social network bosses

London: Pop star Lady Gaga has slammed social network bosses for failing to crack down on bullies and trolls.

The 27-year-old singer said the bosses should spend more money into removing abusive users rather than spending it on advertising, reported Daily Mirror.

"Twitter and other social media platforms need to monitor more closely what`s happening on the internet. They should spend more on making sure they take down any abusive language and suspending accounts," she said.

"It`s not something we can control. The only people who can control it are the companies that run these sites, and they`re putting money into the promotion of the site and the platform not into monitoring. If we were to monitor it better, it would be safer," the singer added.

Earlier this week, Gaga had to ask her own fans to stop sending hate to Perez Hilton, after the pair became embroiled in an online spat.