Lady Gaga wants a ton of kids

PTI| Last Updated: Nov 10, 2013, 15:25 PM IST

Los Angeles: Pop sensation Lady Gaga has revealed that in the future she would like to have a ton of kids.

The `Applause` hitmaker said that she really wants to have a family and nurture her own children, reported E! online.

"I want to have tons of kids, actually... I think at least three. I really want to have a family and I really want to nurture my children and inspire (them).

"To be honest, having my own kids will be like having three little monsters with me all the time. They probably won`t be fans. They`ll probably like hate my music who knows. I want to live a family life. I grew up with a very strong family and I just cannot imagine not having a normal nuclear family," she said.