Lady Gaga’s old NYC apartment up for rent at $1850 a month

New York: Lady Gaga’s old one-bedroom apartment on the third floor of Lower East Side in New York City is up for rent for 1850 dollars a month.

“Former abode of the infamous Lady Gaga-legitimately!” reads the Citi Habitats website listing for the apartment located at 176 Stanton Street.

Before she transformed into the mega popstar, Gaga whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta paid 1,100 dollars for the pad, which boasts French doors, a marble bath and kitchenette.

Though potential renters may not be looking for inspiration, Gaga credits living in the LES for providing her with plenty of fodder for her art.

“It was like I had to go lick the ground [on the Lower East Side] for a few years to understand New York City and a whole different side of the pavement,” the New York Daily News quoted the singer as saying.

“I wanted to live alone -- live in solitude with my music. I wanted to read poetry and be overly dramatic about everything and that’s what I did,” she added.