Lea Michele had her first drink as a toddler

London: `Glee` star Lea Michele has revealed that she has drunk wine ever since being a toddler. The 27-year-old actress insists it was normal to have alcohol along with soft drinks at the dinner table during family meals, reportedly.

"It makes me seem crazy! I`m Italian, so it was like, at the dinner table it would be Pellegrino, a jug of soda, and a huge thing of wine," Michele said.

"So, everyone was just drinking wine, like it was part of, like, you know, what you would have along with your dinner," she added.
Michele said as she entered her teens, her casual attitude towards drinking led to some tension with her boyfriend`s family.

"Growing up, I`d be having dinner with my boyfriend and his parents. And I`d be like, `Where`s the wine? Pass the wine.` At like 17, and they were like, `This girl`s crazy`," she added.