Lea Michele terrified of mice

Los Angeles: `Glee` actress Lea Michele is terrified of mice.

The 24-year-old star, who plays Rachel Berry in the hit American sitcom, refused to shoot for the show after spotting a mouse on the sets, reported National Enquirer magazine.

Michele was joined by her co-stars Heather Morris and Chris Colfer, who also refused to resume shooting until the mouse was removed.

"We won`t come back until you make sure the coast is clear," the actors told the production staff.

Some other celebrities to join the various phobia list are rapper Nicki Minaj, who is scared of stepping on an escalator.

Actor Johnny Depp suffers from clourophobia, a fear of clowns, while Billy Bob Thornton has a phobia of antique furniture and Nicole Kidman has admitted to an irrational fear of butterflies.