‘Lekar Hum Deewana Dil’ Tweet review

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New Delhi: Armaan Jain, grandson of legendary actor-filmmaker Raj Kapoor, enters Bollywood with his debut film ‘Lekar Hum Deewana Dil’ that hit the silver screen today.

The film is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Jointly produced by Dinesh Vijaan and Saif Ali Khan, ‘Lekar Hum Deewana Dil’ is directed by Arif Ali.

Armaan’s very first film’s music has been composed by music maestro AR Rahman and the songs are already a huge hit among the youth.

Zeenews.com’s Anindita Dev watched the movie.

Here’s the tweet review:

#LHDD Grand Bollywood debut of Raj Kapoor`s grandson, Armaan Jain and South Indian film actress Deeksha Seth.

#LHDD curtain raise

#LHDD movie begins. Armaan and Deeksha elope from her home

#LHDD crowd cheers to @Khaleefa song.

#LHDD @Deeksha Seth teases the man qho has come to seek her hand in marriage.

#Armaan is the young college going guy Dino and Deeksha plays Karisma his college best friend.

#LLHD Dino tells Karisma to fight her family and rebel against getting her married

#LHDD over a couple of beers the best friends decide they should get married.

#LLHD Armaan grooves to another song 'Chodo Yaar'

#LHDD Dino tells Karisma he was not seroous about he said. Karisma tells him she is getting engaged this week.

#LLHD emotional fight between the two best friends Dino and Karisma

#LHDD Dino's dad tells him he is useless and a brat.

#LHDD Dino and Karisma king kiss and confess their love

#LHDD Meanwhile their parents are worried and looking for them

#LHDD emotional scene between Dino and Karisma.

#LHDD The couple sing, dance and explore their new life in a new place.

#LHDD So, now the couple move to a new city dodging their respective family looking for them.

#LHDD they run from city to city

#LHDD the harsh reality of life hits the runaway couple. Life is not a bed of roses.

#LHDD Intense scene. They land up in a troubled area.

#LHDD Item number @Chappanchuri . Dino shows his dancing skills.

#LHDD Both Dino and Karisma return to their respective home

#LHDD melodious track @Alaahada plays

#LHDD Dino turns cupid for his elder brother.

#LHDD an intimate moment between Dino and Karisma

#LHDD Dino, Karisma and gang of friends play Holi

#LHDD The best friends once again enjoy their old moments #Dino and Karisma