Lily Allen`s scary spider encounter

Los Angeles: British singer Lily Allen was scared to death on a recent trip to the Amazon rainforest when she discovered a tarantula in her bed.

The Smile hitmaker spent a week in the Brazilian state of Acre filming a documentary for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) charity in a bid to publicise the need for conservation efforts, Sky News online reported.

But Allen admits she wasn`t a fan of the area`s scary inhabitants.

"I`ve been there (Brazil) a few times on tour but only to like Rio and Sao Paulo. It was really nice to go up to the rainforest - even though there was a tarantula in my bed one evening which was slightly terrifying. I just screamed and ran out of the room," Allen said.

The singer apparently sprinted from the hut, screaming, "There`s a tarantula in my room! It`s about the size of my hand."



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