Lindsay Lohan breaks down on TV after Oprah Winfrey gives her a telling off

London: Lindsay Lohan broke down on air after Oprah Winfrey gave her a telling off for her relaxed behaviour on her own TV show `Lindsay`.

The actress had a bit of a diva moment in the third instalment of her show on Oprah Winfrey`s OWN network, because she didn`t want it to look like a Kardashian-style reality show.

Oprah Winfrey speaking on Lohan`s behavior said that she needs to cut the "bull****" she really does and needs to prove the naysayers wrong.

Filmmaker Amy Rice added that she always set up a time for the shoot and the 27-year-old actress always has some excuse as she is always two or three hours late.

The latest episode began with tensions between the actress and her personal assistant Matt Harrell.