Long and happy marriage for royal couple

London: Prince William and Kate Middleton will have a long and happy marriage, says a wedding think tank.

Penny Mansfield, director of the marriage think-tank One Plus One who has spent the last 30 years collating more than 3,000 academic studies into wedding and divorce, points to a long and happy marriage between Prince William and Kate, according to a newspaper.

She says, William and Kate`s relationship is likely to be strong as the couple is religious. Kate was confirmed into the Church of England in March, apparently at her own
insistence, while William was confirmed at the age of 14.

Secondly, the bride`s parents did not separate. Michael and Carole Middleton have been married for 30 years and there are no children of previous partners in the household.

Mansfield said they both have high levels of education and own their own home no fears about getting on the property ladder certainly, with a large detached property in SW1 eventually awaiting them.

They have also received marriage preparation, which is known to improve the quality of relationships. William and Kate had classes with the Archbishop of Canterbury.
And most importantly, they are not too young. Kate is 29 and William is 28.

All this is in contrast to Charles and Diana`s marriage, where the bride was just 19, had no higher education, and came from a broken home.