Louis Tomlinson to buy football club?

London: One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson is reportedly making plans to buy his home town football club Doncaster Rovers. The 20-year-old singer along with another investor, are said to be putting together a bid to buy the club. Tomlinson is an avid Doncaster Rovers fan, and even played a game with them earlier this year, reportedly.

"He`s putting everything into it. This is his passion project ? and it will happen. He`s putting everything into it because of his love for the side," a source said.

Louis is reportedly working with John Ryan, a former owner of the club who sold it to another group. John still retains a quarter share but with Louis` help will buy the football team outright, with both men acting as co-chairmen.

"John is the business brains. He`s incredibly experienced and Louis is learning so much from him. They want the deal to go through by July in time for the start of the new season. It`s at an advanced stage," the source said.