Low women user base could block Google+ from overtaking Facebook, LinkedIn

London: New statistics have revealed that three quarters of Google+ users are men.

It could create a major hurdle for the giant search engine on its way to overtake Facebook and LinkedIn with its new social network.

Two tracking websites, SocialStatistics and FindPeopleOnPlus, say males account for 87 and 74 per cent of the website’s users, respectively, according to social news site Mashable.com.

Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore said on his Google+ account the imbalance could pose a major hurdle in Google’s race to conquer the social networking web space.

“I’d say this is a bit worrisome for Google+’s mainstream ambitions - (social news website) Digg appeared to have trouble ‘crossing the chasm’ and its largely young male audience may have contributed by dissuading other groups to join,” the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

“Facebook is the other way: More females than males,” he stated.


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