Luxe up your home

Dhanishtha Shah

Infuse your decorative style with indulgent elements of opulence to display a unique sense of decadence

Lush Lighting

Illumination is at the heart of pure, unblemished luxury. Select lighting fixtures that exude grandeur.
A magnificent chandelier, an elegant lamp or a luxe bedside-lamp can amplify the lavish feel of any room.

Arty facts

Embellish your home with works of art that speak to you and reflect your personal aesthetics.
From delicate strokes upon a canvas to impressive sculptures, carefully selected pieces can accentuate the affluent feel of your home. Blend art into architecture, with distinguished murals and carved ceilings. Play with the textures of walls and floors to compliment your choice of décor.

Palette of the pampered

The character of any space is defined by its colour. Rich metallics like gold and silver are the essence of superfluity. Gilded cabinets and furniture with metallic leafing add a deluxe feel. “A silver or metallic piece adds a glamour quotient and the sheen from the surface draws attention to the space in which it is placed. Not only does the piece of silver add grandeur to your interiors, but it also spells luxury to a great extent,” says Prashant Sarawgi of Episode.

Dress it up

Fine fabrics in rich colours and textures contribute to a plush look. For the bedroom, the right linen can ooze sophistication and comfort. Mix up embroidery, mirror work and playful textures to enhance the elegant feel. Creatively layer differently upholstered pieces to unveil a seamless blend of extravagance.

Selecting the right materials to work with, is important. “Moveover satin; velvet, silk and pure leather are the right fabrics to give your furniture a luxe feel. For upholstery, the right texture and colour are essential, as they actually enhance the furniture’s design—be it traditional or contemporary. The right fabric and colour (preferably subtle) accentuate the intricate details of the furniture, especially silver furniture,” says Vivek Gupta, partner at The Big Door.

To infinity and beyond

Open spaces, such as well-placed courtyard and high ceilings, create the illusion of a spacious setting which in turn, projects opulence. Playing with features like mirrors and tall windows magnifies the inite environment.

Affluence in architecture

Lavish fireplaces, ornately carved pillars, carefully placed water-bodies and other intricate architectural elements result in a natural luxe feel.

Centre of attention

Commanding attention in every room, allow for one or two ostentatious pieces that draw focus. From vintage or exclusive designer pieces to family heirlooms or up-cycled pieces, allow them to reveal the personality of the room.

“A statement décor piece spell magnificence and can become a focal point of any room. They tie the spaces in your room together,” says Rajkumar Jain from Anemos. “This is a subjective notion indeed; for some, it can be oeuvres d’art (pieces of art), for others, pieces of furniture from famous (or not) designers and still others, it can be the use of luxurious materials such as alabaster, crystal de Roche, ornate Volevatch fittings, elegant leather walls and so on. Luxury is not necessarily what is seen the most,” concludes Isabelle Vernhes, co-founder, My Tailor Home.