Macca defends Obama over oil spill

London: Sir Paul McCartney has defended US President Barack Obama’s conduct during the oil spill crisis, which was caused by an explosion at BP`s Deepwater Horizon oil rig in April that left 11 dead.

The former Beatle said that he has the right to speak against the British company for spilling oil in his country.

“I don`t accept the criticism of Barack over the oil spill,” a news daily quoted McCartney as saying.

“I think he`s been great. It’s tough if we Brits whinge that he’s whingeing at us. Tough, then don’t spill oil,” he added.

Sir Paul also said that “BP isn`t just a British company any more, it`s half American.”

“The thing is, if you do something like that you’re not going to get away with it. If the President of the country you spilled oil in tells you off then you’ve just got to take it or say, ‘I’m really sorry, we’ll clean it up and pay for it all by next week,” McCartney said.

“If you create the biggest environmental disaster in US history then you`re not going to get off that lightly,” he added.



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