Madame Tussaud’s Justin Bieber statue bears little resemblance to him

London: Madame Tussaud’s debuted an unrecognisable Justin Bieber waxwork in Hollywood on Friday. It was the wax museum’s version of a birthday present to the finally legal pop star, who just turned 18.

Unfortunately, the figure hardly looks like Bieber, a leading daily has reported. Though the details are accurate, the waxwork is far more feminine than the ‘Baby’ singer is himself. However, Bieber fan Alisha Purdom didn’t seem to mind the differences in her idol.

The 14-year-old won a Facebook contest run by Madame Tussaud’s to unveil the new figure for the first time. She kissed his likeness, sang the song she wrote to win the contest - ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ - and signed a giant birthday card for the star.