Mafia ‘possess compromising Berlusconi photos`

London: Mafia gangsters claim to possess compromising photos of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi at wild ‘bunga bunga’ sex parties, a leading Italian photographer has claimed.

Fabrizio Corona, who is known as the ‘king of the paparazzi,’ has claimed that members of the Camorra mafia in Naples are trying to sell the alleged images to gossip magazines.

“Representatives from a big weekly magazine went to Naples to buy photos of Berlusconi from the underworld,” the Telegraph quoted him as telling an Italian television programme.

He said there were nude pictures of Berlusconi, but later appeared to backtrack, saying none of the images were “obscene”.

Corona, who runs a celebrity photography agency, also alleged that there had been a mysterious break-in at his photo agency, with thieves stealing several computer discs from his extensive picture archives, although he denied that he had any photos of Berlusconi.