Maggie Gyllenhaal a secret smoker

PTI| Updated: Jul 17, 2014, 19:06 PM IST

London: Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal hides her smoking habit from her children.

The 36-year-old `Dark Knight` star, who is the mother of daughter Ramona, eight, and Gloria, two, with husband Peter Sarsgaard, said she sometimes `falls off the wagon` by resuming her habit of smoking, suggest reports.

"I don`t smoke cigarettes officially but now and then I fall off the wagon. I can`t keep it up at home. I can`t smoke as a mother - it`s too much sneaking around," Gyllenhaal said.

"I`m buying cigarettes and I`m like, `what am I doing? pull it together!," she added.

The actress currently starring in the TV drama `The Honourable Woman`, is struggling to find time for herself and is forced to sacrifice her hobbies of reading and exercising to spend time with her family.