Majority of employees use Internet for personal work at office

New Delhi: A significant number of Indian employees use Internet for personal work during the office hours which is negatively impacting productivity as well as work culture, a survey has found.

According to the survey by recruitment tendering platform, 59 per cent of Indian employees surveyed are using Internet for completing personal work at work place.

Indian employees are far ahead of their counterparts in the Middle East and Singapore in terms of using Internet for personal works during the office hours.

In Singapore, 53 of respondents said that they use Internet for personal works in office hours. In the Middle East 37 per cent respondents said they use Internet for non-work related activities during work hours.

"Employees need to be mindful of company policies on Internet usage and should designate their lunch hour or break times for shopping excursions or other non-work related activities," CEO Rajesh Kumar said.

"Internet use at work place for non-work related activities negatively impacts on productivity," he said.

The survey, which was conducted among 22,658 employees and 3,296 hiring managers and senior executives in India, Gulf/Middle East and Singapore, said online shopping and share trading are the most visible factors which is affecting the productivity at the work place.

It found that 32 per cent of employees were spending 12-14 hours per week for doing online share trading during the work hours.

Another 29 per cent employees said they do online shopping in office hours and average 11-12 working hours per week they spent on that while 21 per cent employees said they spend average 7-8 hours per week for doing online holiday shopping.

Further, 42 per cent of respondents have a social networking profile. Besides, 57 per cent of those with a profile spend more than hours time per day on their social networking page during the workday with 12 per cent spending less than an hour time.

Notably, 83 per cent of hiring managers surveyed said using Internet at work for non-work related activities is spoiling the relation between employers and employees.

Interestingly, 62 per cent of Indian employees surveyed said that they monitor employees` Internet usage as compared to 77 per cent in Singapore and 49 per cent in Gulf/Middle East.


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