Make Veena Senate member to ensure greater attendance: Pak MP

Islamabad: A PML-N lawmaker today suggested that controversial actress Veena Malik should be made a member of the upper house of Pakistan`s parliament to ensure greater attendance during sessions.

PML-N leader Mushahidullah Khan, himself a member of the Senate or upper house of parliament, said making Malik a member of the Senate in the upcoming elections would ensure that the Senators attended sessions.

He made the suggestion in a lighter vein to Express News channel after becoming frustrated that the Senate rarely witnessed a full house.

He even suggested that Malik, who was at the centre of a controversy after she recently posed topless for the cover an Indian magazine, should be made Deputy Chairman of the Senate.

"When she will come to the Senate and display her assets, then maybe all the other Senators too will declare their assets. And then perhaps then they will all join Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf," he said, referring to Imran Khan`s party which has called on all lawmakers to declare their assets.

Senator Tariq Azeem of the PML-Q was of the view that regardless of whether Malik being made a Senator, members of the upper house should attend sessions and answer questions regarding their departments.

Azeem cited the example of India?s Rajya Sabha, saying it too has celebrities as members.