Mark Zuckerberg faces criticism over size of wife’s wedding ring

Washington: Mark Zuckerberg has being accused of shortchanging his new wife, Priscilla Chan, on her wedding ring, after paparazzi photos of a dressed-down Chan flashing her new ruby ring were posted online.

The photos were taken from some distance away, so it’s hard to get a clear look at the ring. But that hasn’t stopped jewelery dealers from speculating on how much the Facebook founder may have paid for the ring.

According to the Daily Mail, experts put the price of the ring at about 25,000 dollars, but Michael Arnstein, chief executive of the Natural Sapphire Co., told Yahoo’s Shine blog that he thinks the price was significantly higher than that.

“It’s a small stone, but rubies can be extremely expensive,” LA Times quoted him as saying, putting the cost of the ruby alone at 20,000 to 100,000 dollars depending on the quality of the stone.

Zuckerberg and Chan, who were married last week at a small ceremony in the backyard of their Palo Alto home, seem to have very little interest in displays of wealth, and it’s not likely that the gossip magazines will change that.