McGregor hates comic book movies

Los Angeles: Actor Ewan McGregor is shocked after seeing at the number of comic book movies dominating the big screen and says he is always interested in original scripting.

The 40-year-old says it is becoming increasingly difficult to find good roles because of the likes of Superman, Spider-Man and Captain America and their blockbuster movies.

"It just seems in the last three or four years that it`s harder to find the kind of drama where I`ve always worked," a website has quoted McGregor as saying.

"My area of filmmaking, which is sort of in the mid bracket - films about people in real situations - it`s the one that`s taking the biggest kicking after the financial crisis. So you find the big budget films are about superheroes or fairy tales or kids films, branding that we already know. But I`m always interested in original stuff," he added.


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