Meet the Brit man who is set to marry his Christmas tree!

London: A Brit man is set to fulfill his desire of marrying his Christmas tree.

Andy, also known as Mr Christmas, has admitted many will think he`s had too much sherry but that hasn``t stopped him drawing up plans for the ceremony.

"I love my Christmas tree more than anything else, so that``s why I want to marry it," the Sun quoted the 47-year-old divorcee from Melksham, Wilts, as saying.

"I`ve already got a ring, although I`m not sure yet which branch I`ll want to hang it on. The only problem seems to be finding a vicar who is willing to do the ceremony," he said.

He said that although he`d only had the plastic tree for two years, he felt it was like "his best friend" and he never tired of seeing it sitting in his living room.

"I can`t see why we can`t be joined in matrimony. I``ve heard of other people marrying their pets and so on, so why can``t I get hitched to my tree?" he added.


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