Meet the CEO who lets staff chose their own offs!

Updated: May 24, 2011, 17:42 PM IST

London: The staff members at Aruba Networks, a wireless networking company based in California, could not have asked for more.

The company’s ‘no vacation’ policy allows them to choose their own vacation limits provided their assignments are complete.

Dominic Orr, CEO of the California based company founded this unique concept two years ago to motivate his employees to work hard for their holidays.

Rather than allocating a set number of weeks off like in most jobs, Orr allows them to take responsibility to organize a paid vacation whenever they like, provided they meet their job objectives and their manager agrees.

“Fundamentally, we``re saying that you of course should take time for vacation, as long as you make sure you also get your work done,” the Daily Times quoted Orr as telling the New York Times.

Orr acknowledges that the policy makes his team work harder because they have a clear incentive to perform well and more frequent breaks keep them fresh at work.

“Basically, anything that you and your manager agree to, you can do [as long as employees] set the timing based on workflow specific to their discipline,” he added.