Meet the man who clicks wacky images with pinhole camera inside his mouth

London: By placing a miniature camera inside his mouth, a photographer in London has taken some wacky pictures around the world of everything from the Sydney Opera House to his bath tub.

Justin Quinnell 49, placed the three-inch 110 cartridge film so that his back teeth could keep it stationary and then proceeded to hold his mouth wide open to take the wacky photos.

He created a pinhole camera by placing aluminum foil over a tiny hole one fifth of a millimetre wide on the film cartridge.

Sometimes he had to hold his mouth open, standing still, in front of his target for up to a minute for the film to be properly exposed.

“I was sitting there one day with my pinhole camera and I thought, ``I wonder if this fits in my mouth,” the Daily Mail quoted Justin, who is one of the UK``s leading pinhole camera experts, as saying.

“I started to thinking and realised that my all my old photographic training would come into play here with depth of field and differential lighting.

“So I took one of my 110 cartridge pinhole cameras, which was designed to be thrown off a building or attached to a shuttle cock and put it in my mouth.

“It fitted right at the back perfectly.``

“I travelled across the world with my pinhole in my mouth and tried to take some great pictures,” he added.


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