Meet the UK twins who have two different fathers!

London: Beating odds of a billion to one, a woman in the UK gave birth to twins, who are from two different fathers.

Mum Charlotte Hilbrandt became pregnant by ex-husband Michael and new boyfriend Tommy when she slept with both men within 48 hours.

It means that twins Marcus and Lucas, who turned six last week and were born just 48 minutes apart, are one of only three known sets of twins in the world who are genetic half-brothers.

“You have a bigger chance of winning the lottery than something like this happening,” the Mirror quoted 38-year-old Charlotte as saying.

She is the first to admit her boys are like chalk and cheese. Cheeky Marcus, her son by Michael, is short and stout, red-haired with bundles of energy. His twin Lucas, her son by Tommy, is taller, blonde and has a gentler, calm manner.

Even more surprisingly, both dads are very much a part of their lives and Charlotte says they are one big happy family.

“A lot of people say we’re liars... that you can’t have twins with different fathers,” said Charlotte.

“That’s why we want to tell our story. It’s because something like this only has happened a few times in history,” she added.


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