Meet the US mum who wants to be world’s fattest at 726 kilos!

Melbourne: An obese US model wants to set a world record of the fattest woman ever by achieving a weight of 726 kilograms with a per day intake of 20,000 calories.

Susanne Eman, 32, of Arizona hopes to pass the half way milestone by the end of this year.

The single mother-of-two believes that she’s already surpassed former biggest mother Donna Simpson, 43, from New Jersey.

And Eman, who is creating a stir among fans of ‘Super Size Big Beautiful Women’ (SSBBWs), revealed that she wants to increase her calorie-intake to speed-up the gaining process.

“I’d love to find out if it’s humanly possible to reach a tonne,” the daily Telegraph quoted her as saying.

“A previous record holder was 726 kilos, so I have to be at least that,” she said.

Eman visits the supermarket once in a month with sons Gabriel, 16, and Brendin, 12, in order to spend up to eight hours filling six trollies.

“It’s like a full day’s work,” she added.


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