Meet woman who inspired Oprah Winfrey`s Indian-style tea

AFP| Updated: Mar 31, 2014, 19:53 PM IST

New Delhi: Oprah Winfrey`s Indian-style tea was reportedly inspired from Parvati Hedge, who served Winfrey her first spiced Indian tea during her visit to India in 2012.

According to the DotWorld blog, Hedge lives in a slum in Southern Mumbai, where she, her husband, and three daughters live in near squalor and has a small electric cooktop, and the barren floor doubles as a living space.

The talk show host was literally sitting at the home of some people who had some really nice tea and they said that was masala chai, so that`s when she became a pursuant of good, strong tea.

The 60-year-old`s promotional video shows Parvati serving tea to Winfrey and that`s when she got inspired to come up with her own brand of Indian style tea.