Men ‘likelier to cheat on wives if their dads were unfaithful’

London: A study has revealed that cheating really does run in the family, at least as far as men are concerned.

A team of Czech scientists carried out the study that confirmed the old adage ``like father like son’.

They concluded that while men and women both had affairs, men were more likely to stray if their fathers had been unfaithful as they were growing up, reports the Daily Mail.

According to researcher Jan Havlicek, boys grew up by observing the world around them what was appropriate and what they could get away with.

Their father was an obvious example to follow for good or for bad.

The scientists, based at Charles University in Prague recruited 86 couples for the research.

They found that whether or not a man was satisfied and happy in his main relationship had no effect on the likelihood that he would stray.

Men usually have affairs because they want sex and a greater number of sexual partners, not because they are fed up with their wives, he said.

The results were presented at conference of the European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association.


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