Mice invade Lady Gaga`s eatery

New York: Singer Lady Gaga`s restaurant `Joanne Trattoria` is reportedly infested with mice.

The eatery is run by Gaga`s father Joe Germanotta and the guests were horrified on July 31 when they saw rodents running freely near the tables and in the patio area of the establishment adjacent to Central Park, reports radaronline.com.

One customer managed to take photos of the mice, which were coming into the restaurant through a hole in the wall next to the patio and were nibbling on bits of bread on the floor and even getting up onto the tables!

Germanotta blamed a rotten potato for the mice invasion.

The Gaga family opened the restaurant in February 2012 to appalling reviews.

In June, the restaurant ran into new problems when it was downgraded to a ‘B’ grade by the New York health department.

Ironically, on July 31, the restaurant, named after Gaga`s aunt Joanne, was upgraded back to ‘A’ status again - and Joe went on to tweet about his victory, saying: “We`ve got it back. Never give up!”


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