Michael Barrymore attempted suicide twice

London: Television anchor Micahel Barrymore has revealed he attempted committing suicide two times in the past.

The 62-year-old `My Kind of People` star said he feels better now, but was once in the clutches of alcohol addiction and depression, reportedly.

"I`ve been taken off to the hospital a couple of times. Too many pills, just chuck a load in my mouth. I think that was a cry for help," he said on a television chat show.

Barrymore did not specify when the suicide attempts took place but assured his depression is not currently as severe. "I`m a good boy now. I`m obviously not successful at it because I`m here," he said.

The star, known for his comic timing, has publicly battle depression, alcoholism and drug addiction. He said wealth and fame did not affect his condition.

"When you`re in the depths and the throes of your depression and your addiction, I end up in the corner of the room staring at the wall. And it doesn`t matter how big the house is or how small the flat is, you end up in exactly the same spot thinking `What`s the point?`" he said.

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