Michael Douglas`s teenage son wants to join showbiz

PTI| Updated: Oct 25, 2013, 17:27 PM IST

London: Hollywood superstar Michael Douglas says his teenage son Dylan no longer thinks that he needs to go to school because of his acting aspirations.

Douglas, 69, whose father kirk started acting in the forties, said his 13-year-old son wants to follow in his footsteps, reported Daily Express.

"Dylan doesn`t see any reason to do anything else because he wants to act. He doesn`t want to go to school or anything, he wants to be an actor.

"He was at me the other day. He said, `Look dad, I`ve been president of my sixth grade, my seventh grade, I`m in eighth grade now and I`m president of the school`. I said, `Dylan, I know, I`m so proud of you. He said, `Dad I`ve been on the honour roll for two years straight. You`ve seen me in Oliver when I played the Artful Dodger`," he said.